"Северозападен институт за младежки политики"


Фондация „Северозападен институт за младежки политики“ набира младежи за участие в младежки обмен, който ще се проведе в Акджакоджа/Турция.

Изисквания към участниците:

  • навършени 18 години
  • валиден задграничен паспорт
  • английски език
  • възможност за закупуване на  двупосочни билети (пътуването е с автобус/влак от София)
  • възстановяване на транспортните разходи на място


Инфомационен пакет 7-14-April-2020-Düzce-Akçakoca-Infopack

Кандидатствай ТУК

Why do you want to carry out the project:

Sexuality education starts with the development of the concept of sexuality in children and takes its final form during adolescence. Sexuality education  connected to culture, tradition, religion, law, economy, etc. also differs depending on the values and leads to the development of different understanding of sexuality.

Today, the physical immunity of people with disabilities is violated due to their mental disability and they are exposed to many abuses.Increasing news about sexual abuse of people with disabilities both in our country and in Europe proves that there is insufficient support in the field of sexual education.Mentally disabled people are silently able to accept a proposal for sexual intercourse or sexual convergence without knowing that they can be sexually exploited due to lack of judgment and evaluation.All of these leave disabled individuals defenselre and vulnerable.Through this training, youth workers will present a variety of approaches to improve the attitudes and behaviors of individuals with intellectual disabilities that can discuss sexuality, help them to be more comfortable and confident, and learn good practices in increasing individual capacities.In this respect, the main objective of the project is to increase the competence of youth workers in the field of sexual education of the disabled.


Objectives of our project:

1-To teach the participants the stages of sexual development and the basic points in the development of positive sexual identity in people with disabilities (Mentally handicapped, Downsendrom, autism spectrum disorder, multiple disabilities).

2-To teach participants social skills related to sexual identity.
3-To make participants gain the ability to prepare an individual sexual education program for people with mental retardation.

4-To teach participants new methods and techniques in sexual education. (drama, role playing, use of technology)



1-What have you learnt  about my country?:Kültürel In order to ensure cultural cohesion, countries will be included in the quiz using their research on the cultures of the participating countries.

2-Sexual education from Infancy to Adolescence:The stages of sexual development in individuals with intellectual disabilities will be discussed in three stations that will be formed as infancy-young childhood (0-6 years), Pre-Adolescence (6-12 years) and Adolescence period (12-18 years) and the results will be discussed in the company of Psychologist Mehmet Önemli.

3-Our special education system:The special education system and practices in the partner countries will be presented by the partners in 10 minute presentations and the deficiencies of sexual education in the special education curriculum will be discussed.

4-Communication in Disabled Youth: Parenting, Friendship, Romantic Relationships, Tolerance & Respect, Privacy:A mini-awareness seminar will be held on the concept of parenting – friendship, love, romantic relationships, tolerance and respect, and privacy.

5-Visit to Yeşil Düzce Training and Practice School:A field visit will be conducted to observe the best practices in this area.

6-Station Practice :  1-Sexual behaviors and differences in behaviors according to gender in mentally retarded individuals, 2-Marriage in mentally retarded individuals, 3-Positive sexual identity development in mentally retarded individuals, 4-Sexual satisfaction in individuals with intellectual disabilities practices will be carried out.

7-When it comes to gender..?:Effective methods in sexual education will be determined in order to teach gender to young people with disabilities.

8-Education is a must!: A panel will be held on the importance of sexual education in individuals with mental disorders.Panel will be held with the participation of 3 experienced and 2 experts of the subject from Turkey

9-Methods and Techniques of Sexual Education:How to use methods and techniques (drama, role playing, technology use, gamification) in sexual education will be shown together with sample practices.

10-Preparing Sample Sexual Education Program:A sample sexual education program will be prepared for people with mental retardation.

11-Support to Training Program with Visual Materials: From the prepared examples, visual material design will be designed to support the most successful sexual education program and the program will be made more applicable.

12-Sexual Education and Duties of Health Professionals for Mentally Disabled Individuals:Brainstorming will be done on what needs to be done for sexually transmitted diseases and information will be given about the measures under the leadership of Nurse Aslıhan Sırık.

13-Methods Related to Sexuality in Individuals with Mental Disability:Each group will be able to share the best practices used in sexual education for individuals with intellectual disabilities in their country.

14-Workshop Meeting: A workshop will be prepared on issues such as Sexual violence in mentally retarded, prevention of exploitation and sexual abuse, precautions to be taken, menstrual period and related problems in mentally retarded girls and solutions to these problems(sexdrive).

15-Mini Handbook for Parent and Youth Worker:A Manual will be prepared to inform parents of mentally retarded individuals about sexual education.

16-Overcoming Barriers with Our Project:Draft projects will be prepared in order to raise awareness on future disability issues.


Number of Participants and Profile:

Our project will be realized with the participation of 27 youth workers from 9 countries (3 from each organization). While there are no age restrictions, one person from each country will be unemployed and volunteer in their institutions with economic disadvantaged young youth workers. In addition, 1 facilitator from Bulgarian team team will take part in the project.



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