"Северозападен институт за младежки политики"

Woman Entreprenurs in Action- Венеция/ Италия

Фондация „Северозападен институт за младежки политики“ набира участници за младежки обмен по програма Еразъм+.

The concept of entrepreneurship is one of the most popular topics nowadays.
When we examine the entrepreneurship ecosystem carefully, female
entrepreneurs are not seen frequently in our country and in many European
countries. Although there are female managers in our country, they can not find
much place in the field of entrepreneurship. When the reasons for this is
investigated, the most important factor is the lack of support of the women by
men, self-confidence and low motivation can be shown.
Objectives of our project:
• To teach the basic points of entrepreneurship to the participants.
• To increase the motivation of women to show their entrepreneurial spirit.
• To show the barriers to women entrepreneurship to the participants.
• To make participants aware of their talents and skills in entrepreneurship.

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Изисквания към участниците:

  • навършени 18 години
  • английски език
  • възможност за закупуване на двупосочни билети (100% реимбурсиране на билетите)

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